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01. Why are RRR's rescue vehicles so small?

RRR cares about the climate. We know that our small vehicles reduce emissions in comparison to large gasoline ambulances. We hold the large vehicles in reserve and use only when necessary. San Pedro and Belize is a gem of the world, rising sea levels directly affect our ecosystems.

02. What if I’m located on an island other than San Pedro and need emergency care?

RRR partnerships enable us to respond to emergencies on other islands. We have coordinated a swift response system, allowing evacuations to a higher level of care.

03. Can RRR take family members on an Air Ambulance flight?

In most cases, yes! When we have space, we definitely want to take your loved ones along for the transport. When we are transporting to the United States, before we can commit to allowing passengers in addition to the patient, we must consider the size/weight of patients’ luggage and possibly utilize alternative methods for other passengers due to weight and space restrictions.

04. Where are the closest level one trauma facilities or centers of excellence located in the US?

The closest accredited comprehensive trauma systems are located in the Miami, FL area.Houston, TX is a close second with a negligible flight time difference.

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